„Krutynianka” Restaurant

The „Krutynianka” is worth visiting just for the view. A green river flows very close to the terrace of the restaurant. Canoeists – those who often come to Krutyn – have one of their favourite stops here. Dinner, coffee or beer – you cannot pass through the „Krutynianka”. In the summer not only the terrace is noisy and crowded. Irena and Zbigniew Waszkiewicz, inhabitants of Olsztyn, but in the season inhabitants of Krutyn, welcome tourists and water sports lovers. They have been running the restaurant of their dreams for over ten years. The restaurant serves regional dishes whose regional names are not just ornamental names. Those who tasted nettle soup, pork chops in curlpapers, beef sirloin according to the boss’s recipe or pikeperch a la Masuria know what it is all about. The choice of desserts: apple cakes or pies and … sweet laziness.
First, we serve „czekadelko” (a starter) – bread with homemade lard and a dill pickle.

Selected dishes from the menu (reasonable prices): Cold starters:
male boss’s salad, female boss’s salad.Hot starters:
eggs a la Masuria, Warmian black pudding with cranberries.

nettle soup, hunter’s soup, Masurian fish soup, eel broth, vegetable soup with sour milk served cold, sour milk with potatoes a la Masuria.

Meat dishes:
„Krutynianka” sirloin, roast duck, beef sirloin, pork steak,
grilled chicken medallion, knuckle of pork a la Bavaria, , kotlet „Krutyn”, roast pork „zbójecki”, „Krutyn” cutlet,
turkey schnitzels, shish kebab, „Captain” cutlet, venison chop.

Fish dishes:
eel a la fishermen, pikeperch a la Masuria, grilled pikeperch, pikeperch in sesame, pikeperch in onion, vendace fried in a Masurian way, tench in cream, trout in almonds.

Special dishes:
chanterelles a la Masuria, Warmian ravioli, potato pancakes with eel, potatoes fried in a Masurian way.

We are famous for:
– tasty Warmian and Masurian cuisine,
– competent service of tourist groups,
– individual approach to each client,
– reliable work for 12 years.

1994 – the main prize of „Gazeta Wyborcza” – Tourist Hit ofthe Summer
– category catering
1997 – the main prize of „Gazeta Olsztynska” in the contest „O Mosiezna Warzelnice”
– for courage in making use of traditions of regional cuisine


Irena and Zbigniew Waszkiewicz,
Krutyn 34, 11-710 Piecki,

tel./fax +48 089 742 12 19 ,
mobile 0 608 370 640, 0 604 630 157
e-mail: krutynianka@krutynianka.ol.pl.

„Krutynianka” Tourist Station and Restaurant,