Royal Pine

A forest and peat bog reserve, area 103.76 ha. It protects an old-growth pine forest, which is over 200 years old, with several English oaks, spruces and weeping birches and three dystrophic lakes with relict flora of high peat bogs (round-leaved sundew, bog rosemary, wild rosemary). A tourist attraction is a dead monumental pine (360 cm in diameter, died at the age of 300 years) an English oak (540 cm in diameter) called „Dab nad Mukrem” (Oak on the Mukro) of Karol Mallek.
In the underbrush, there are true oxlip, sand pink, pasqueflower and common hop climbing up the alders growing near the lakes.



  A forest and landscape reserve, area 273.12 ha. The reserve protects Krutyn Lake and the upper part of the Krutynia River flowing out of the lake and deciduous and mixed forest growing nearn the lake. You can see here plants of the underbrush, e.g. hepatica, wood and yellow anemone, Solomon’s seal and scented Solomon’s seal, lily of the valley, May lily, spiked rampion and winter horsetail as well as toothwort, a parasitic plant. The gorge of the Krutynia River is characterised by clear shallow water in which you can see numerous stones with Hildebrandtia rivularis red algae. Euspongilla lacustris, a freshwater sponge, occurs here as well.
We can meet here a sea eagle, a black woodpecker, an Eurasian jay and, on the water, two mute swans and goosesanders with the young. In the reserve you can also see a brown owal and a nightjar. In winter you can see whooper swans stopping here, dippers and otters hunting on the ice of Krutyn Lake.